We were recently contracted to showcase some amazing landscaping work in the Gold Coast. The landscaping company wanted photos of the completed works for entry into a internationally recognised landscaping magazine.

In order to shoot in the best light to complement the high end landscaping, we chose to arrive in the afternoon and to shoot through to last light. The golden afternoon sun is less harsh than midday sun, letting the images be more evenly exposed and more vibrant. Just after sun set was the perfect time to shoot the outdoor lighting, with the rising full moon and Surfers Paradise in the background, the photos were epic!


Skilled StadiumFriday Flashback, This was my first aerial night shoot from a helicopter. Taken over the then new Skilled Stadium in 2008 for the season opener of the NRL season that year. Watch this space for some more exciting night shoots coming your way soon.

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At Aerial Advantage we not only specialise in aerial video but also aerial photography. Our services include aerial photography for real estate, construction projects, tourism, infrastructure and the mining sector. Every image we take is captured with the latest professional digital cameras and these images are supplied in three formats web, medium, and large – ready for any application you desire.

We are the aerial photography and videography specialists based in Brisbane and we cover all areas of Australia such as the NT, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

Aerial Advantage operates all over Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Our lives revolve around capturing spectacular aerial photos and footage. We use a wide variety of drones, from the small and simple quad copter to our custom built cinema camera lifting rig – ‘The Raptor”. Our main workhorse is a Cinestar octocopter – such a versatile machine!
Drone photography at Milton

Drone photography at Milton


We recently worked on a large project for 308 Queen Street that included helicopter, ground, interior, video, and photos. Not to mention video production, editing, and motion graphics all done in-house by Shea Brown for this promotional video showcasing what 308 Queen St Chambers has to offer.

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“If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm,” Frank Lane

There are many variables that effect getting the perfect shot. The time of the shoot and camera setup chosen are within our control. Many are not. The variable that has the greatest impact on the shot is the weather. (more…)


Civilian Drones Have Arrived
In recent years the world has witnessed the rise of civilian drones. These flying machines have redefined what was previously thought achievable from an aerial platform. The increased ease and decreased risk of getting an aerial perspective has injected a new energy into the aerial photography and cinematography industry. (more…)