Aerial Mapping

Aerial Mapping


Helicopters and Drones provide the ability to capture on-demand 2D and 3D maps for our clients. These fully geo-referenced and ortho-rectified maps are used for everything from basic distance, area and slope calculations right up to stockpile volume analysis, sight lines or watershed runoff simulations.

The resolution of our image capture is up to 80 megapixel. This quality of photograph mixed with accurate GPS geotagging can provide a 3D map accuracy of 3cm per pixel.

We are equipped to map areas of any scale because we don’t rely on only drone technology for our mapping projects. Drones may provide a cheaper solution for your mapping project but they are limited in the areas they can legally fly and the time it takes to adequately cover an area. In these circumstances capturing images by helicopter is the fastest and most reliable way along with keeping the same or better image quality and accuracy.