Helicopter Filming

For higher overalls and long runs helicopter is the only option. We use multiple helicopters from smaller Robinson R22’s to Larger Helicopters like the Airbus AS350 for aerial photography and filming. We have vast experience using helicopters as filming platform and shooting with our

Bell Jet Ranger B3 & GSS 516

Bell Jet Ranger B3 & GSS 516

custom built gyro stabilised rigs, to larger gimbal based systems. For larger gimbal based shoots when we use systems such as  Shotover, GSS & Cineflex systems Anthony Shorten is our lead cinematographer, He has vast aerial filming experience and is sure to get you that perfect shot from any platform. Click here to view his professional resume.  With a large network of helicopters available to us Australia wide, and our aerial experience you can be sure we can get your job done no matter where it is or how you need it done.

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Click below to see some samples of our helicopter filming from the Beautiful Shotover F1 gimbal


Aerial Cinematographer Anthony Shorten after a recent aerial filming shoot with the Shotover F1 Gimbal and Red Dragon 6k