Announcement: 8/01/2024

We are so pleased to announce our recent acquisition of the brand new @cineshotsystems 6 axis gyrostabilised aerial camera system.
This system was developed by John Coyle and his team of engineers in Queenstown, New Zealand. As you may know John Coyle developed the successful Cineflex and Shotover camera systems.  His latest design has the ability to physically change size to integrate nearly any camera and lens combination such as the

  • Arri Mini LF & Arri Mini, Alexa 35,
  • RED Komodo X, Komodo, Raptor, Helium, Monstro,
  • Venice 2
  • Canon 30-300 Canon 14.5-60
  • Canon 50-1000
  • Angenineux 24-290 & Angenieux 28-320, Ultra 12x
  • Cabrio 25-300
  • Canon 25-250
  • Fujinon Premista series.

The team at Cineshot have certainly put an amazing system together and we can’t wait to shoot some amazing footage with this new system.

This system will change the way we do Aerial Filming and expand our capabilities. Did you know we also operate other systems such as the Shotover F1, GSS & Cineflex

Cineshot shown here in medium configuration with Red Komodo X & Canon Cine 30-300mm Lens


Click below to view our Aerial Filming  Showreel