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What a great little documentary about the eight year construction of Brisbane Airports New Parallel Runway that was completed in 2020, We were filming and photographing this amazing project from prior to the soil being turned over eight years ago. We shot almost all of the aerial photography & video over the course of this project. Click below to view documentary put together by the talented team at Light & Shade Media Brisbane

At Aerial Advantage not only do we shoot one off premium aerial photography but we also provide a discounted cheaper aerial photography package for the construction & infrastructure industry in Brisbane. This discounted monthly aerial photography product is something we do between the 24th & 28th of each calendar month, supplying monthly construction imagery for internal company updates and progress reports. We offer 15-20 high resolution still images as part of this product, these images are normally shot as wide angle and detailed zoomed shots, See samples below

This package is available from as little as *$195 Plus GST per month, Call or email us today for more details on this offer.

Whats Included:

  • 15-20 High Quality High Resolution Edited Still Images
  • Wide & Close up detailed shots
  • All Images delivered via direct download link
  • All images supplied by close of business of the last day of the month



*$195 plus GST depends on site location & Term of contract

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Surfers Paradise looking Absolutley picture perfect ahead of last weekends V8 Supercar Round. Shot from the helicopter at 1500ft & 60mp Resolution Did you know this image and more like it are available on to purchase on our online stock image library #aerialadvantage #aerialphotography #stockphotosaustralia #commercialphotographer #commercialphotography

Stunning Aerial photo from our heavy lift drone overlooking what used to be Ethiad Stadium in Melbourne, The stadium was renamed to Marvel Stadium in 2018 by its new sponsors The Walt Disney Company Shot Raw then exposed in Lightroom for the perfect image.



Aerial Photo Drone

Stunning aerial photo from our heavy lift drone overlooking what used to be Ethiad Stadium in Melbourne, The stadium was renamed to Marvel Stadium in 2018 by its new sponsors The Walt Disney Company

QOur Stock Photos Australia featured image of the week. QPAC and Wheel of Brisbane at Dusk. Head to and search for image 10350 to purchase instantly or browse more epic Australian aerial stock.

Our Stock Photos Australia featured image of the week. Gold Coast in the morning light. Head to and search for image 10366 to purchase instantly or browse more epic Australian aerial stock.

On most clear days you will find us in the skies over SE Queensland. This gives us the opportunity to capture amazing stock aerial images. Some of these images would cost around $1000 to capture on a one-off tailored shoot. This price factors in the cost of the helicopter, photographer, pilot, and post.

We have collated our stock images into an ever-growing library at

Next time you are in need of some breathtaking content to take your report, IM or advertisement to the next level for a relatively inexpensive price, Stock Photos Australia should be your first port of call.

On Wednesday the 26th of July we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to shoot the mammoth 333-meter long super-carrier, USS Ronald Reagan.

The Port of Brisbane Corporation commissioned this shoot to memorialise the largest US military ship docking in Brisbane in over 2 years.

We liaised with the US embassy, Port of Brisbane Corporation and air traffic control in order to make this shoot happen.

We were given clearance to operate in airspace surrounding the giant ship except directly above it. It turns out there will always be some restrictions in place around a nuclear-powered warship.

Below are some of the shots that were captured of the immense vessel.

Delivering a client a great set of images takes more than just having a skilled photographer with the right equipment.

The final and one of the most important steps in the process of delivering stunning images to our clients, is the post processing of the raw images.

Post processing can make a great image even better, however, when deadlines are tight sometimes waiting for idyllic conditions to shoot a great image is not always an option.

When this is the case, extra time spent processing the raw image files can make all the difference between a photo looking okay or fantastic.

Below is the before and after of an image shot on a hazy evening from Newstead back towards the city.



News Corp recently put together this video for ONE Palm Beach on the Gold Coast.

We had the role of shooting both the aerials and level perspective views for this project.

The aerials were shot on our mid-level inspire 1 drone over an afternoon/sunset and the following sunrise/morning. We were very happy with the emotive impact they had on the final piece.

The view perspectives we shot on our large drone with a sony A7R2 professional digital camera. These were shot primarily for print applications and as back plates for renders. But we were also happy with how they were incorporated into the video.