Commonwealth Games Gold Coast Drone Restrictions

If your planning to fly your drone in the Gold Coast between the between the 25th of March and the 18th of April, your safest bet is to just leave it on the ground.
However, if you are compelled to take to the skies there are extra restrictions in place for the Commonwealth Games.

Pictured, is a map of the Total Restricted Areas (TRA) (Yellow) that will be enforced by police for the entirety of the games. These areas were collated from this Aeronautical Information Circular as well as existing restricted flight areas around helicopter landing sites, non-towered aerodromes (orange) and towered aerodrome (Red). There are also additional restrictions in place for events like the Triathlon and marathon and we encourage you to check out the  AIC if you want more detailed information.

We are looking forward to hosting the Commonwealth in SE Queensland and hope everyone makes an effort to keep the skies safe.