Helicopter Filming

For higher overalls and longer runs over people or when you need to be on the long end of a zoom and stable helicopters and gimbal systems are the only option. We use multiple helicopters from smaller Robinson R44’s to Larger Helicopters like the Airbus AS350 for aerial photography and filming. We Utilise larger nose mounted gimbal based systems such as the  Shotover F1 & K1 GSS & Cineflex Elite systems with Anthony Shorten is our lead cinematographer. He has vast aerial filming experience and is sure to get you that perfect shot from any aerial platform.

Click here to view his Anthony Shortens professional resume.

The systems we use include GSS Cineflex Elite 5 Axis Stabilised Helicopter Gimbal with Canon Cine 30-300mm and the following camera options, we also have access to other systems such as the Shotover F1, Shotover K1 & GSS 512 & GSS 516 Gimbals. These systems are available Australia wide.

Inhouse Cameras:

Red Komodo 6K

  • Up To 6k Red Raw R3D
  • Frame Rates up to 40fps @6k

Arri Alexa M

  • Up to 3.2k
  • ARRI Raw up to 120 fps
  • 3.2k Pro Res 4444XQ up to 30fps

Cameras Available on Request:

Arri Mini

Arri Alexa LF

Sony F55, Sony Venice

Red DMSC2 Serias

We also have large network of helicopters available to us Australia wide coupled with that and our aerial experience you can be sure we can get your job shot no matter where it is or how you need it done.

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Click below to see some samples of our helicopter filming from the Our Cineflex Elite