Drone Level Perspectives


Level perspective photography gives potential buyers the opportunity to see indicative views from their chosen balcony or window. This is done by shooting a set of photos from the position where the buyers eyes would be. Followed by stitching the photos into either a fully interactive 360 degree spherical panorama, that is viewable on virtual reality (VR) headsets; or a printable 360 panorama that focuses on the horizon. The data captured to create these panoramas can also be used for render backplates and even to create realistic lighting maps of the surrounding area for detailed renders.

Whether you need views that showcase day, dusk or dawn, we have multiple teams ready to capture the images so you can move to the next phase of your project. We also work with the newest and safest equipment, having enough gear and crew members to shoot three drone jobs and two helicopter jobs simultaneously. This gives us the capacity to complete huge projects while still not sacrificing redundancy. Working to a deadline is where we thrive and we will do what is necessary to deliver images before they are needed. Obviously weather has a huge impact on the quality of images possible to capture, so we always work hard to find the right balance between fast delivery and beautiful photos. When beautiful days are few and far between, we are ready to pounce when the skies clear. Rest assured, no matter what the weather looks like, we are ready to provide you with the highest possible quality product on time, with minimum fuss.

We have numerous years of experience shooting aerial panoramas from both drone and tethered blimp. We are the experts in the field. In the last few years camera and drone technology has reached a point where we can now deliver sharp, high definition images shot on and just after dusk. We find this very exciting as dusk city views are the gold standard when it comes to delivering maximum impact, with vivid colour, beautiful detail and bustling commuter activity.

Level perspectives are the key when it comes to putting a potential buyer into the mindset of an owner. Call us today and let us help your project be the best it can be.