Love is in the Air – Netflix 

Last year, we had the privilege of being approached to film the Air to Air components of a new Australian-produced movie for Netflix. This production, featuring the renowned Australian star Delta Goodrum, unfolded amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Whitsundays.

For these Air to Air sequences, we employed our Cineflex Elite Nose-mounted gimbal, paired with the Red Helium 8k camera and Canon Cine 30-300mm Lens. While drones were also utilized during the production, the value of utilizing the helicopter and gimbal for the Air to Air segments and backplates was evident. This decision added an extra layer of depth to the film, contributing to the creation of stunning imagery that enhanced the overall cinematic experience.

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Click on the above videos to see the Trailer for Love is in the Air on Netflix

Our Lead Cinematographer Anthony Shorten on another aerial film sortie on Queenslands Gold Coast.

Our Cineflex Elite With the 6k Red Komodo X & Canon Cinema 30-300mm lens

Shotover F1 6 Axis Helicopter Gimbal